Setting Your Martial Arts Goals – How To Come Up With A Plan Of Action

As soon as you start a martial arts school you need to learn how to keep focused. The most effective way to overcome this is to set yourself new goals. When you are a beginner this can seem daunting and setting a specific goal can be hard to accomplish. How do you set a goal when you do not know what your goals should be?As you continue to train, the answers become clearer. Interact with your instructor and learn the techniques, watch your fellow students to get an idea of what is important to succeed in the art. Think about what made you want to join up to a martial arts club in the first place. Was it so you could learn self-defence and lose some weight? Or did you want to spend more time with your child at the same class? These are great basic goals to start you off with as you progress further.Your goals will change as you continue to train and develop your skills. This is a natural progression, but getting frustrated and angry with yourself is not. Measuring against the goals you have set yourself can be a difficult task in martial arts. It’s not like going to the gym and doing twenty bench presses one week then doing twenty five the week after. With martial arts you need to perfect your routines and fighting skills. You can’t watch yourself from above doing it can you? Well you can more so now, don’t be afraid to use some technology to measure your progress. In many of the classes I have seen digital camcorders filming students so they can measure their form and technique. It is now easier to do this than ever before.Having goals in martial arts or in fact any other part of your day to day life not only helps you achieve, it motivates you to get off the couch and go to class when you are not feeling particularly motivated. We have all been there in the warm watching something good on the television eating a bag of corn chips, not wanting to move. You just need to say to yourself “I am never going to get a black belt, or learn a round-house kick sitting here”, and off you go on your way. You need to have this mindset early on when you start your martial arts training, otherwise you may find you never get off the couch at all.

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